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Keep it simple: Pay regular bills automatically with your Card
Paying bills automatically with the Card is easy
Use your American Express® Card to pay your regular bills automatically. There’s no need to juggle due dates. And depending on the Card you carry, you could earn rewards on the bills you’re already paying.
How to set up automatic payments with the Card

1. Find a participating supplier using our directory.

2. Visit the supplier’s website to sign up or call and tell them you want to have your bills automatically charged to your Card.

3. See your recurring payments appear on your Card statement.

Frequently Asked Questions
Preferred Suppliers
Below is a sample of the suppliers and industries available. See all suppliers
Moving & Storage
Frequently Asked Questions
Click here for answers to frequently asked questions.
If you do not see your supplier listed, contact them directly to inquire about Card payment.
In some instances, it may take more than one billing cycle before paid amounts are posted to your Card account. We recommend that you continue paying your bills until the supplier informs you that your bill is being charged to your American Express Card. Please remember to cancel these payments with your supplier if you close your Card account, and advise your supplier if your Card account number changes.
Not all suppliers service all provinces.
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